Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama Winning White Voters in California Rasmussen Poll

Rasmussen Reports has a new poll out on California that shows that Obama has moved within three percentage points of Clinton. The poll is a telephone poll and was taken immediately after the Florida primary results were known, but before John Edwards dropped out.

Here are some of the findings from the poll:

Obama had a narrow 43% to 41% advantage among the party’s liberal voters while Clinton held a 45% to 35% edge among moderate voters.

Obama held a three-point lead among white voters in the state while Clinton had a twenty-seven point lead among Hispanic voters. Clinton trailed by eight points among men but led by ten among women.

Obama is viewed favorably by 83% of California’s Democratic Primary Voters, Clinton by 79%.

Sixty-nine percent (69%) of the state’s voters were certain they had settled on their final choice. That meant nearly a third could still change their mind, a figure that grew when Edwards left the race.

Forty-six percent (46%) said the top voting issue is the economy while 29% mentioned the War in Iraq. Clinton led by fifteen among those who view the economy as the highest priority. Obama led by eight among those who view the War as the top voting issue.

The two interesting points are Obama leading Clinton among white voters and the fact that more Democrats have a favorable image of Obama than of Clinton. One thing that should be kept in mind is that California voters have been voting early for some time. Thus, there is no way of knowing how many voters have already voted. There is no indication on the Rasmussen Reports summary of the poll that the voters surveyed were voters who have not yet voted.

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