Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who Cares if Obama and Clinton Don't Like Each Other?

Once again we have the media writing and reporting about whether Obama was snubbing Clinton during the State of the Union message. We have a stupid column from Maureen Dowd, who apparently is trying to see just how irrelevant she can appear. We have Chris Wallace of Fox News asking Clinton about the alleged "snub." We have blog entries on the alleged snub. Well, here's a question: Does anyone think that voters, who know real people, give a rat's butt whether Obama and Clinton like each other?

We can just see it now: Iraq war continuing, foreclosures rising, health care cost exploding, but when Mr. and Mrs. Average Voter sit down to dinner, the conversation isn't about those problems, or the kids, or their jobs, no, it's whether Clinton and Obama like each other. Give us a freaking break.

Frankly, we want the Democratic candidate to be tough enough to take on the slime machine that it is the Republican Party and its media allies. Nothing is served by some namby-pamby primary process during which Democrats decide to make love, not war. We are not getting it, and from the looks of things, we aren't missing it.

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