Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Democratic Vote Totals After Three Primaries

This is the total Democratic vote for the three top candidates after three contested primaries:

In South Carolina the vote was 295,214 votes for Obama, 141,217 for Clinton and 93,576 for Edwards. In New Hampshire the vote was 112,251 for Clinton, 104,772 for Obama and 48,681 for Edwards. In Florida, with 99% of the precincts reported, Clinton has 856,944; Obama has 568,930; and Edwards has 248,575.

These results give the following totals:

Total: 2,488,160

If you examine those three votes in terms of percentages, you get Clinton with 44.6% of the total vote in those three premaries; Obama with 38.9%; and Edwards with 16.5%. (Percentages are only shown to the nearest tenth.)

There will be a lot of spin over the next week as to what these figures mean. Obama supporters will argue that they don't mean very much since no delegates have yet been awarded from these results. Clinton supporters will argue that they show that she has more appeal in larger states than Obama. Our position is they we give the numbers and you decide what to make of them.

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