Friday, February 01, 2008

"The Legacy of George W. Bush's Presidency" By the Numbers

The House Democratic Caucus on January 23, 2008, put up a great page on its website showing how much George W. Bush has mismanaged the country for the last seven years. What the page does is compare the country that he inherited to the county that he is leaving behind. The graphic is broken down into three sections: The economy; Quality of Life; and the Unites States and the World. It also has footnotes to back up its claims.

It points out things like the cost of gas rising from $1.39 a gallon to $3.07 a gallon; number of Americans that don't have medical insurance going up by 8.5 million in 6 years; and the cost of medical insurance for a family going from $6,230 to $12,106.

It is a great graphic and one that Democrats everywhere should print off to hand out to their friends, relatives, and co-workers. The only thing that I would fault it for is not having a section about Iraq, although putting statistics out on Iraq could appear to be using the death of soldiers for political gain. All in all, though, a great job by the House Democratic Caucus.

Thsnks to Pat Carano of Summit County for sending us information on this graphic.

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