Thursday, February 28, 2008

Conservative Talk Show Host Repudiated by McCain Claims He was Asked by DeWine to "Throw Red Meat to the Crowd"

Bill Cunningham, the right-wing talk show host from Cincinnati, who introduced John McCain at a rally last week using Obama's middle name and referring to him as a "Daley style" politician from Chicago, says he was recruited to do the introduction by former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine. He claims that he was recruited at a lunch by DeWine and Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. Deters disputes that the recruiting took place at the lunch that he attended with DeWine and Cunningham. All of this is contained in an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Cunningham, who is now ticked off at McCain for apologizing to both Obama and Clinton for Cunningham's remarks, is telling his listeners that he cannot support the person he is calling "Juan Pablo McCain". (We are assuming that Cunningham is calling McCain Juan Pablo to point out McCain's support of immigration reform, but, since we are not a radical, right-winger, we can't be sure.)

One of the constant things we have been told by the media over the years is that Mike DeWine is some sort of "moderate" Republican. (Apparently if you don't foam at the mouth and howl at the moon, you are given "moderate" status by the corporate media.) Like all such "moderate Republicans", however, DeWine is not above using the radical, right-wingers when it serves his political purpose.

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Foolish Idealist said...

ya know this whole incident and the one where the NY Times published the story about McCains ties to the lady lobbyist just seem a bit too fishy smelling to me. I mean if you think about it does not JM's rebuke of Cunningham's remarks seem to help JM define himself as above the political fray? He is using the guys (Cunningham) lack of a sense of decency to help demonstrate his (McCain) overwhelming decency.
But the NY Times expo see that there was a relationship between JM and the lady lobbyist is even more curious. Did anyone notice how McCain voted on the legislation that the lobbyist was lobbying about? He opposed it, voted against it. So the story is what? Much ado about nothing? Did the story not "play" right into the McCain campaign's hand.....even Rush was um.... miffed about it. I mean this was the NY Times, they may get grouped in with the right's "liberal media" crusade but it is home to Judith Miller et al correct? Not exactly a left leaning publication if I may say so about the Times. Might they have been willing to take one for the team and publish this story to help rally support for JM? If not how to explain their efforts on the story only to ignore McCains contrary vote? This is obviously a bait and switch situation. Come to think of it, did McCain's campaign hire Karl Rove?