Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cleveland Plain Dealer Endorses Obama and McCain for Ohio's Primary in March

The Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsed Senator Barack Obama and Arizona John McCain for the respective nominations of their political parties. The PD endorsment of Obama seems to based on the fact that Hillary Clinton carries a lot of baggage with her. This is from the endorsement:

But in a campaign where history matters, she carries an inordinate amount of baggage. Who wants to relive the soap operas of the 1990s?

The editorial goes on to make an interesting point in the follow language:

Bill Clinton says his wife excelled at "making positive changes in other people's lives." Consider that construction. Then listen as Obama talks of bringing people together to change their own lives.

America needs a fresh start. Barack Obama is the Democrat to provide it.

One of the points that Obama supporters sometime make is that his background as a community organizer shows that he is more able to put together grassroots change in America. That's a very good point.

As far as the endorsement of McCain, the PD makes the point that McCain can win Ohio, which Republicans have to win to hold on to the presidency:

Because neither the Democrats nor the Republicans enjoy majority status, independents decide elections in Ohio. That means you don't win here by driving people out of your party's tent. You win by inviting them in.

Of course what Ohio Dems have to worry about is that the PD will jump at the chance to endorse McCain over Obama.

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