Sunday, February 24, 2008

After Giving Us Bush, Ralph Nader is Trying for McCain

Once again the egomanic known as Ralph Nader is going to run as an independent. While we don't think that he will be as harmful as he was in 2000, when he helped deliver Florida for Bush, the fact that he is willing to once again try and trash the Democratic Party's chances in November shows what an idiot this clown has become. He knows he has no chance of winning, and he knows that his only role, if he was to get enough votes, would be to spoil the chances of the Democratic nominee.

When he tried this in 2004, he was only able to get on 30 ballots because the Democratic National Committee successfully challenged his petitions. Then, crybaby Ralph had the gall to complain about the treatment he was receiving from the Democrats. Well, hopefully the DNC can do it again. This joker deserves to be stopped cold.

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