Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obama Supporters Can Dish It Out, But Can They Take It?

The Obama campaign has put out a mailer against Clinton that uses the same theme as the "Harry and Louise" ads of the 1990s. According to Senator Ted Kennedy, the Obama piece is not negative.

Now Clinton has a mailer out attacking Obama's health care plan. According to Ted Kennedy, that mailer is "negative." So what's going on? Is this an example of the Obama camp willing to dish it out, but unable to take it?

Quite frankly, Obama's supporters have displayed a tendency to whine about every little thing that Clinton does that they don't like. No matter what anyone says about Obama's proposals, if it is negative, his online supporters, and now it seems his political supporters, claim that the criticism is unfair.

Apparantly his political opponents, the media, and the rest of the world are not supposed to hold Obama up to the same standard as mere mortals. We are all supposed to recognize his inherent nobility and give him the red carpet treatment on his road to the Democratic nomination, and, then the presidency.

Well, unfortunately, the GOP doesn't play that way. His supporters better get ready for a down and dirty political campaign if he is the Democratic nominee. The GOP won't be about anything other than winning this November. If Republicans have to divide this country along racial lines to preserve their hold on the presidency, they will do it, and they will enjoy doing it.

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Eugene Grande said...

The tone of this article could be a little less aggressive.

Abe Lincoln used to wait three days to reply to anything that held an emotional charge for him or the recipient.

None of us is Abe Lincoln.

Either of the two plans is a huge improvement over what we now have.

Democrats are fortunate to have two excellent candidates in the primary. Let's not wound ourselves so severely in this primary battle that McCain ends up winning the general election war.