Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why Ohio Democrats Need a Contested Presidential Primary

In politics, when the presidency is on the line, that campaign is the main event, all other campaigns are the undercard. In such elections, voters don't turn out to vote for state senator, or county commissioner, unless they are a relative or friend of such local candidates, they turn out to vote for president, and while they are there, they vote in the other races.

Which is why Ohio Democrats need the battle between Clinton and Obama to last until March 5th, 2008. In Ohio you become a member of a political party by voting in that party's primary election. Thus, if there is a race between Clinton and Obama there will be much more incentive for Democrats to vote than Republicans.

If what has happened in the rest of the nation, a much bigger turnout for the Democratic race as opposed to the Republican race, then registration levels for Democrats will soar. This means that local Democratic parties will be able to identify and use the names of voters who vote in the 2008 primary as potential volunteers in this fall's elections.

That's why, no matter which candidate you are supporting for president, you want this campaign to continue until after Ohio's primary. What you don't want to happen is what this writer calls for and that is for Clinton to drop out before Ohio's primary.

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