Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Where Did Mikey Get His Money?

The picture to the left is from www.politicalmoneyline.com and can be viewed here. The information concerns where Richard Michael DeWine got his money. (Did you know that his first name was Richard? Neither did we. We will avoid the obvious in-bad-taste puns.)
According to Political Moneyline, his biggest single source was from what they call "Single-Issue" Groups, followed by people and organizations engaged in "Finance/Insurance", "Health Care", "Communications/Technology", "Business-Retail, Services."
Organized labor gave DeWine $42,500 and public employees gave him $5,000.00.
Interestingly enough organizations and individuals allied with the legal system were 10th on DeWine's list of groups financing his election. We find that interesting because DeWine is an attorney. You think that he would have done better with attorneys and law firms. Makes us feel better about our profession.
The single biggest category of employers listed? Homemakers. Yep, homemakers. Women just staying at home, making brownies, and writing checks to Mike DeWine.
Anyway, that's our report on where Mikey got his money.

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