Friday, May 25, 2007

Jerid of Buckeye State Blog Goes After Tommy Thompson

If you click here, you can watch a video that is a clip of former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson leaving a meeting with New Hampshire "pro-life" leaders. What is so great about this video is that it shows the power of the internet to allow citizen journalists. Jerid of Buckeye State Blog is the creator of this video clip. It is part of Buckeye State Blog's New Hampshire Project.

Here he is in New Hampshire, probably on a shoe string budget, and yet he has managed to get a short interview with a presidential candidate. Then he took the clip, edited it, added some titles and text overlays, and posted in on You Tube. He probably did this using a relatively inexpensive hand-held camcorder, a laptop computer, and the hosting services of You Tube.

This is the kind of thing that more Democrats should be doing. Get a video camcorder, learn to edit your own video clips, and go down and cover the hell out of local government. Post the clips on You Tube. Put the word out that you are posting them. Let citizens and the media know what you are up to. Don't just criticize the media, become the media. Way to go, Jerid.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen this kid on two other occasions and it is a very strange thing to hear the candidate speak and this kid's take on things. I warn many about his slant and hope the intellectual can see the difference between his reality and the objective.

It definitely proves NH is a fun political state though.