Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nearly Half of Ohioans Admit to Visiting Strip-Clubs

Given all the attention surrounding strip-clubs in Ohio, the Dayton Daily News is reporting on a poll that was done by Quinnipiac University. The poll, part of a broader poll, broke down the results by political party identification, sex, and church attendance. The poll results showed that 45% of Ohioans admitted to visiting a strip-club at least once.

The breakdown on those admitting to going to strip clubs by political party identification is interesting. According to the poll, the highest percentage was recorded by those respondants who described themselves as political independents at 53%; Republicans were at 42%; and Democrats were at 40%.

Among men and women the breakdown was 63% for the men responding and 28% for the women responding. (Okay, probably no surprise there)

According to the poll, 34 percent of the white, born again, evangelicals admitted to visiting a strip club.

The poll has Ohio voters opposing 48 - 43 percent a statewide limit on adult entertainment between midnight and 6 a.m. But voters support 52 - 35 percent requiring a six-foot distance between dancers and patrons in strip clubs. Women support the six-foot rule 65 - 20 percent, while men oppose it 51 - 38 percent.

A summary of the poll can be read here.

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