Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Reader Submission: Outsourcing and Untapped Citizen Power

GE along with many multi-national companies is not supporting the
American economy when outsourcing is rationalized for highly
automated processes. There is no significant profit justification.

The American economy grew because the middle class through wage scale
growth increased disposable income. They had the financial means to
purchase a larger variety of products which drives business growth.

Jack Welsh while speaking at MIT in April 2007 indicated pride in
suppressing union membership at GE. How does any American derive
pleasure from reducing the life style of working American families?

The American public is recognizing outsourcing is degrading American
life. Is that the image in posterity that GE wants recorded?

The party loyal needs to make a commitment to America first. Who
would have thought democrats could have not chosen Joe Lieberman as
their candidate. We confirmed an essential element of grassroots
power for the orderly removal of a democratic incumbent. Part two is
to complete the general election segment through an unrelenting media

Spread the word, Call congress, GE, and retailers. Tell them they
will lose your vote, your business, and their reputation as a
consequence of any business transferes to foreign plants. For more
detailed information www.IUE-CWA.org
Kim Kendall

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