Sunday, May 06, 2007

Congresswoman Sutton Making an Impact in DC on Trade

Picture at left: Congresswoman Betty Sutton with Democrats at the Medina County Democratic Party Spring Gala.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer had a story about Congresswoman Betty Sutton, (D-OH13), in last Thursday's edition of the paper. The article talks about how Sutton is making a difference on trade issues in D.C. This is from the article:

Barely two weeks after her swearing-in last January, the freshman Democrat from Copley Township drafted a polite but pointed letter to one of the most powerful committee chairmen in the House. The letter said she and other freshmen wanted to be consulted on a "critically important" issue: President Bush's "misguided trade agenda."
Sutton corralled signatures from 39 of 42 Democratic freshmen. And her work paid off. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel met with the group in March to hear their views on revamping the nation's trade policy.

The article by Elizabeth Auster goes on to note that Sutton believes that many new Democratic Representatives, not only from the midwest, but from other areas of the country, believe that part of the reason for their victories was a belief among Americans that our country is losing out because of unfair trade competition.

Sutton's work is important because there are pending trade deals with several countries and Bush's fast track authority on trade agreements ends on June 30th. Once that fast track authority is gone, it will be significantly harder for this administration to get trade agreements passed in Congress, especially one that is Democratic. If you believe that Sutton is right about trade, contact your local Representative to Congress and tell him or her to support fair trade, not free trade.

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