Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ohioans Split on Strickland's Proposals for Charter Schools

The Quinnipiac poll that we discussed in an earlier post about Ohioans and strip clubs also polled Ohioans about charter schools. Those responding to the poll split on two of Strickland's charter school proposals.

Ohioans narrowly oppose his plan to eliminate voucher for private school with 46% opposing and 45% supporting the ban. The strongest support was from Democrats, followed by independents and the most opposition came from Republicans and white, born-again evangelicals.

His plan, however, to "freeze" the voucher progam was supported by 49% and opposed by 38%. Again, the strongest support came from Democrats at 54% and independents at 57%. As with the plan to eliminate the voucher programs, the most opposition came from Republicans and white, born again evangelicals.

Despite the split in support for Strickland's plans regarding private school vouchers, most Ohioans believe that his opposition to private school vouchers is motivated by a desire to improve education and not by a desire to pay back teachers' unions for their support. On that question, 52% said they believe that he is opposed to private school vouchers while only 29% thought he wanted to pay back teachers' unions.
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Anonymous said...

To those who support the vouchers...let them put there money where their mouth is...raise the taxes to support the measure.