Monday, May 21, 2007

Does Ohio Need State Law on Strippers?

If you click on the link in this entry's title, you can read an Akron Beacon Journal editorial chiding the Republican General Assembly for adopting a state law prohibiting contact between strippers and patrons. The thrust of the editorial is not that such a prohibition is a bad idea, but that it should be adopted by local governments and not the state. If Cincinnati wants to adopt a no-contact rule and Columbus doesn't, then why is that Cleveland's problem? Why can't local officials decide this issue for themselves? Why does it take a state law to regulate strip clubs?

One of the arguments that conservatives used to make against Federal legislation was that local governments and state governments were better equipped to handle problems. Conservatives used to argue that this was especially true where the government's police power was concerned.

Now, however, Republicans in the General Assembly are more than willing to override the principle of self-government when it helps them score brownie points with a special interest group such as Citizens for Community Values.

Again, the issue here isn't the merits of a no-contact rule. Frankly, we can sympathize with the goals of this legislation. The issue here is which level of government should address this issue.

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Jill said...

Thanks for this post. Exactly correct. Partly explains why the GOP is in such disarray - they set out their rules for people who want to say they are GOP and now, they change them. Or not.