Saturday, May 12, 2007

MCDAC Newsletter for May 11, 2007

MCDAC Democratic Newsletter
May 11, 2007

Item from Pam Miller, Medina County Dem Chair
I still have a few tickets available for the Ohio Democratic Party State Dinner, this Saturday, with Senator Hillary Clinton. Tickets are $150. Email or call 330-725-7487

MCDAC Blog Entries

Once again Voinovich puts drug company profits ahead of Ohio's consumers

Why is the media still calling it a surge?

Ford repays union concessions with closing of Brook Park casting plant.

Where did DeWine get his money?

American foreign policy post WW II

Voinovich on Iraq: "Everybody got conned"

Congresswoman Sutton Making an Impact in DC on Trade

Reporters can dish it out, but can they take it?

Clinton targeting women donors while Obama goes after young

Bob Woodward covering for the Bushies?

Bush is a drag on the GOP

Brownback breaks with the Bush Administration line

Presidential candidate branding.
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