Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Media Starts Talking About Cost of War

McClatchy News Bureau in Washington has a story out today about how the war is soon going to cost over 500 billion. According to the story this is about 10 times what Bubble-Boy and his band of idiots predicated this war would cost when he began it. In fact, again according to the article, he got rid of an economic advisor, Lawrence Lindsay, after Lindsay said that the war would cost around 200 billion.

What Democrats should start pointing out to people is that Bush and his radical right-wing followers would never spend that much money to help Americans. They would never spend it for health care, or for education, or to fight poverty, or for mass transit so we aren't dependent on foreign oil, no, not for things that help Americans. But they will gladly spend money to fight a a war to supposedly help the Iraqis build a democratic government.

Three thousand lives, 500 billion dollars, and no end in sight. If you know any Bush supporters, ask them if this war has been worth it.

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