Tuesday, May 01, 2007

George "Bush Enabler" Voinovich Trying to Have it Both Ways

This is from an article about Bubble-Boy's veto that appeared in the Washington Post online edition: Some kind of compromise has to be worked out between the administration and the Democrats," said Sen. George V. Voinovich (R-Ohio). "That's how it's done. Everybody holds their nose, and maybe a couple of times vomits, but you get it done."

This is classic Voinovich. He won't do a damn thing to hold Bush accountable, but he will run to the media and give them a quote so it looks like he is being "moderate" and "reasonable". This way the inside the beltway pundits and talking heads will praise him as a "moderate Republican." Note, however, that when the chips are down, Voinovich will be found supporting Bush and helping him sustain his veto of the Democrats' funding bill. (You can read the whole article by clicking here.)

So-called "moderate" Republicans like Voinovich, Snowe, Collins, and sometimes McCain in the Senate and their counterparts in the House like Christopher Shays have perfected this technique. They talk "moderate" and vote to support Bush's agenda. They hope that the public won't catch on, and for a long time, they didn't, but that may be changing. The defeat of Lincoln Chaffee in Rhode Island shows that time may be running out for those GOP politicians playing this game. While the Washington chattering classes may not figure it out, voters are starting to understand the difference between supporting Bush and supporting the troops. You support the troops by getting them out of the middle of this Iraqi civil war.

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