Sunday, October 05, 2008

Columbus Dispatch Poll Has Obama Up by 7 In Ohio

The picture above is the headline on an article that appears on the Columbus Dispatch website. The article is about the results of a mail-in poll that was conducted in Ohio among likely voters. The poll shows that Obama is leading 49% to 42%. The last time the Dispatch reported on a poll that it took of likely voters, McCain led by one percentage point. That poll was conducted in mid-August, right before each party's national convention.

The internals of the poll are rather interesting. One is that if you look at the state's regions, the northwest and the northeast are where Obama is leading McCain. Another is that 18% of former Clinton supporters are backing McCain,66% of former Clinton supporters are backing Obama, and 14% of Clinton primary voters are undecided. Overall, Obama was getting the support of 84% of Democrats, McCain was getting 7% of Democrats, and 8% of Democrats were undecided. McCain is getting 90% of Republicans, Obama is getting 5% of Republicans, and 5% of Republicans were undecided. Since, however, Democratic identification ran 10% higher in this poll than Republican identification, Obama can afford to lose a higher percentage of his own party than McCain.

The Dispatch article points out that McCain, by pulling out of Michigan, means that Ohio becomes even more important to his chances. Likewise, if Obama can take Ohio, then the chances of McCain winning enough states to capture the 270 votes needed to win the electoral college are very slim, if not impossible.

Expect to see even more negative campaign ads from the McCain campaign here in Ohio. You know, the ads that a friend of ours refers to as "the Obama is going to come to your home and take your women" ads. In other words, once again we will see typical Republican bs on our TV screens. Given our economic problems here in Ohio, however, our betting is that it won't work.

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Anonymous said...

In my church this morning my Pastor spoke of the campaign/election and of our being Christian Citizens...working very hard not to name his choice/vote he stated however that the negative ads are in and of itself not the works of God (any God) or what he intended to occur while campaigning to be survents of his will.
I find this to be very interesting that McCain continues to become more and more of an evil nature in doing such horrible campaigning and is "threatening" to become even worse? Even in his sounds and his demeanor of anger and disposition he continues to show his true self to us.
I did not find my Pastor naming whom he was speaking of but then who else could he have meant? Obama has done all he can to take as much as he can but our nation has become one that would call him weak if he did not at least fight back in some capacity. I have faith that Barack Obama will do this with integrity and diplomacy as he has regardless of what is said. He does not tell tales and he is as honest as any politician can possibly be. His TRUE self is not one to be tell taling and bashing of others in anyway as is the case of John McCain. IUn fact Sen. Obama isn't even good at it. I hope for oursake that more of the truth will shine through. John McCain is too transparent to be the anti Christ or anything more than what we are seeing lately in his erratic behaviour. I thought this possibility of Palin in the beginning, only she is too stupid. This can't be the case either. They are simply a very bad ticket.
God Bless America and may the best man win.