Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Vet Gives His Reason for Voting for Obama

Pam Miller, Medina County Democratic Party Chair, sent us the following letter she received from a veteran. He has a son serving in the military and didn't want his name used, which is why there is no signature. It is a very powerful statement:

In the last general election I voted for a decorated wounded warrior. The opposition attacked him and tried to discredit his service.They couldn't discredit his Purple Heart because he still has the scars. In all this manufactured confusion they got two draft dodgers in the White House. They have since enmeshed our military in a seemingly endless war, got over 4000 Americans killed and allowed an unregulated business community [to] make a total mess of our economy. Middle class citizens are losing their homes and some are even relying on charity for food. Returning wounded vets were being mistreated until exposed by newsmen. I'm not voting for the vet this time. I'm voting for the other guy and see what happens.

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