Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why We Can't Let Up, Why We Fight

This is a photo of a lawn in Medina County. The traditional yard signs are all for Republican candidates, but the home-made sign proclaiming that Obama is the "anti-Christ" obviously came from the owner's heart. We can't let up because people who believe that Obama is the anti-Christ aren't going to let up. This ignorance is why we fight.

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Anonymous said...

Funny thing...I have a neighbor right next door whom we had dinner with Sunday night and she (the wife, whom is always bringing up the anti Christ, even at one time thinking I may be lol)..this kind of person goes around SEEKING the anti Christ claiming to be a Christian vs. seeking God and Christ, they don't get it... She actually asked me if I thought Obama could possibly be the anti Christ? I nearly fell out of my chair...I turned it around though and said the same thought occured to me too but about Sarah Palin in the beginning and it did "for a moment" but her true colors prove her an idiot and too stupid to be the anti Christ. I also stated that it is said that the anti Christ will come back in perfect form, looks and character and without flaw and appear to be perfect in everyway. Then I laughed and said...This certainly cannot BE Palin nor Barack Obama with those ears eh?

I have my own personal phylosophy for those that speak of and think of the anti Christ like displaying this sign on this homes front yard...he worships the anti Christ and is congering him up just by displaying his name as if to campaign FOR him. Even negatively it IS displaying and representing him. Regardless of this person's belief of WHOM the anti Christ IS....They "believe" in him and are displaying so. It is sad for them and their display of their ignorance.