Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I just received a mailing from Colleen Swedyk, the Republican Candidate for Medina County Recorder. After reading it, I fell over laughing.

In the mailer it reads:

"Swedyk is Accurate: Collen stresses acuracy in the recording of documents."

I'm not entirely sure what "acuracy" is. I presume that she meant to put "accuracy" and didn't read over the document carefully and diligently. If she's willing to send out such an obvious error to thousands of voters with her name and picture on it ... what kinds of mistakes does she make when she deals with the important documents in the Medina County Recorder's office?

This office deals with all of the land title transactions, mortgages, and living wills. Can you imagine trusting your living will to someone who does something so careless?

Elect Larry Courtney to Medina County Recorder. We need someone who will use care in handling important documents.

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Anonymous said...

I just got her card yesterday. How funny. You should send Swedyk's card to Jay Leno at NBC for his Small Town News on the TONIGHT SHOW.