Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama Campaign Getting Ready to Use Keating Five Scandal Against McCain

Back during the savings and loan scandal of the 1980s, five United States Senators were found to have been influenced by Charles Keating, Keating was from Ohio and up to his eyeballs in the whole savings and loan mess. The Obama campaign is apparently getting ready to make this part of McCain's past part of the 2008 campaign, as the video below shows"

You can learn more about the Keating Five scandal here.

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Anonymous said...

This ad isn't good enough...while Barack is defending himself against McCain can someone PLEASE get the guts to shut Palin up too? She is down in FL. bashing Obama.
Obama doesn't want to bash her? I will then. Shut the b**** up already.
Further...she is still under investigation in Wasilla for an abuse of power in the Troopergate issue. Why doesn't anyone bring this up anymore. While McCain and Obama are bashing each other why is Palin getting away with this?

Hillary ought to go to bat woman to woman for Barack. She would kick her bu**!!!!