Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cindy McCain's 2007 Income: 4.1 Million

Well, you have to hand it to John McCain, he certainly hit the jackpot when he cheated on his first wife to get Cindy McCain. In 2007, her family business earned her 4.1 million dollars. She paid taxes of 1.1 million. That means she paid taxes at a percentage of less than 25%. No wonder Johnny Mac is working so hard to defeat Barack Obama, he does't want his wife to pay more in taxes.

The fact that Barack Obama's tax plan would raise his family's taxes and the fact that John McCain's tax plan would lower his family's taxes tells you all you need to know about the two men and their concern for others.

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Anonymous said...

I still watn to know why Sarah Palin's troopergate is not being mentioned by our candidates. Sarah keeps bringing up Ayers and Acorn as her ONLY means of a desparate attempt to make a come back. Can't wait to see her on SNL this eve. I hope they mock her and sit her side by side to Tina Fey to show she REALLY IS that stupid.
As for the 4 mil. that McCain's wife made in 2007...I think she needs an audit.