Wednesday, October 22, 2008

GOP Drops Lawsuit Against Brunner

Yesterday, October 21, 2008, at 7:12 pm the Columbus Dispatch posted a story with the following headline: Voter-registration lawsuit against Brunner is dropped

This is the lede from the article: The Republican fundraising consultant who brought a lawsuit against Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner in the Ohio Supreme Court over verification of new voter registrations has voluntarily dismissed his case.

The article goes on to state that Robert Bennett, Ohio GOP Chair, asked David Myhal, the plaintiff, to drop the lawsuit. Bennett also said that there was a meeting between the attorneys from the Attorney General's office representing and lawyers for the GOP scheduled for Wednesday. Although Bennett is trying to suggest that this meeting is a settlement meeting, a spokesman for Brunner, Jeff Ortega, denied that it was such a meeting.

So,it would seem that the GOP has given up on its attempt to get the courts to order Brunner to do what it wants, although, with these people, you are never sure its over until its over.

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