Monday, March 03, 2008

Medina Dem Explains Why He Supports Hillary Clinton

It is now 12 hours until the polls open in Ohio , and have I made up my mind who I will vote for in the primary? Finally, yes. Also, I am grateful that at long last the people of Ohio will play a role in choosing the nominees for a change!

I will take a Democratic ballot for President, and this choice is easy. Either Dem will end the war in Iraq : how fast is an unknown, but, McCain would keep us there “100 years, if necessary.” Now, this is to be taken seriously, as we now will begin the 6th year of occupation in a foreign land. While one can find good qualities about John Mc, I am further upset in the matter of his whoring (as a classmate on the east coast describes his behavior of the past 4+ years) for the Bush adm. for more than that period. I believe they bought him off without $$ to keep him out of the race in ’04. Further, the fact that he spent a long 6+ years as a POW does NOT qualify him, nor aid him, in this quest for the presidency.

I am ignoring Huckleberry, who doesn’t appear to even believe in gravity. Ron Paul? I agree with his Iraq policy, and other military policies which, simply stated, (as Paul simply states everything) involved uninvolving ourselves militarily in near every other foreign country, some of his finance positions, and some of his positions on making the federal government smaller, but most of his positions are so simplistic that he must be dismissed out-of-hand.

Positions of Obama and Clinton are similar, other than the fact that Obama has promised everyone a little bit of everything, and he cannot deliver all that he has stated even if Congress gave him the green light, which they will not. Little bears arguing about in that matter, so it will come down to a difference of experience or a fresh approach: Does a new face such as Obama overcome his lack of experience? Does ‘same old’ politics make for a “same old” policy? There have been many “fresh faces” in DC, if you mean outside the beltway, which Obama is only part way out there. He will have the people behind him, clamoring for change. And Clinton ’s partisanship, pettiness couple with anger, stubbornness and lack of compromise could derail anything good should she be elected.

Obama has the momentum, as I write this. And, we know that momentum and timing can be everything in politics. And, as the campaign goes on, he becomes more and more knowledgeable about the world at large, not to mention the good old USA . But, as I age more, I know in my heart that experience is the deciding factor. And, believe me, there will be change.

I will cast my ballot for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Bryan Adams


Patrick said...

Experience is overblown. Experience means more Rahm Emmanuel DLC right of center Democratic goober smooching to corporate America. Post-election, you have to really question Hillary Clinton and her campaign pulling out the "fear" card, her half hearted attempt to confirm Obama is a Christian, and her endorsement of John McCain over Barak. Obama leads in electability in defeating McCain as well. Like the old Monty Python show would say, "And now, for something completely different". That would be Barak Obama, the man who is energizing young people that politics are important.

Anonymous said...

I so agree Patrick. Prior to her going negative the past weekend before our primary, I would have been happy supporting either one one them in November. I felt their differences were much less substantive. My opinion has now changed. Her 'kitchen sink' strategy that we have been so accustomed to from the Republicans reflects heavily on my perception of her integrity. She will now, unfortunately, force him to follow suit. I lost a lot of respect for her this past weekend. I am also quite distrubed at the exit polling showing 20% of my fellow Ohioan dems saying race was a factor, and of those, 75% voted for her. That sends chills down my white female spine.