Saturday, March 01, 2008

Question for Bubble-Boy and His Supporters: If the Surge is Going so Well, Why Will There be More Troops in Iraq After it is Over than Before

Bubble-Boy had a statement to the press and that was that he won't promise that more troops will be coming home from Iraq this summer. This means that there will probably be around 8,000 more American troops in Iraq at the end of the "surge" than there were when the surge started. How, in any context, can this be called a success?

Maybe we are just being picky here, but wouldn't a success mean that more American troops could leave Iraq? What is success? Is success being measured by Iraqi standards or by American standards? That is, is the surge a success if it prevents Iraqi deaths or leads to American troops being withdrawn?

Maybe it is just us, but we believe that American troops should be dying for American interests, not Iraqi interests, not oil company interests, not neo-con interests, but American interests. You know, the interests of the American people as a whole.

If you look at the surge from that standpoint, then can you say it is a "success"?

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