Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Medina County Dems Elect More Precinct Committeepersons Than GOP

Last night Medina County Democrats elected 62 precinct committeepersons while Medina County Republicans elected 51 such officials. Under Ohio law, any political party that has status as a "major political party" must have an elected precinct committeeperson in each precinct. These officials are supposed to be the building blocks of political parties. Their jobs are to help campaign for nominees of their parties in their respective precincts.

While Medina County Democrats elected more such officials, both parties didn't elect such officials in a majority of Medina County precincts. There are 151 precincts in Medina County. This means that Medina County Democrats had candidates for precinct committeepersons running in 41.05% of the precincts while Republicans had candidates running for precinct committeepersons in 33.77% of the precincts.

In Ohio precinct committeepersons serve either four year or two year terms. The local parties could to decide what the terms will be. In Medina County Democratic precinct committeepersons serve a four year term while Republican precinct committeepersons serve a two year term.

Sometime after the official results of the March primary are certified, each party will have an organizational meeting. At that meeting, the precinct committeepersons who are present will elect county party officials. It is our understanding that the Medina County Democratic Executive Committee has tenatively selected April 5, 2008, as the date for the organizational meeting.

Although there can be contested elections for precinct committeepersons, neither Medina County party had any contested elections for precinct committeepersons.

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