Monday, March 17, 2008

Wall Street Journal Poll Shows Very Close Race This November

The Wall Street Journal and NBC released a poll on March 13th that shows a very close race for President this November. While the poll shows McCain losing to either Obama or Clinton, the results are very close. Here is a quote from the Christian Science Monitor article that is linked to above:

In the matchups in the NBC/Journal poll, Senator Obama comes in ahead of McCain by 47 to 44 percent. Senator Clinton edges McCain by 47 to 45 percent. Both races fall within the poll's margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points

Right now Democrats have a fundraising advantage and they need to exploit it. This is also from the article:

Part of the challenge facing the McCain campaign is that Democrats have raised more money than Republicans in the current presidential campaign. "What is of interest to me this cycle is ... the Democrat funding advantage," McInturff said. "I just felt as a Republican we had a God-given right to more money.... Republicans, if they look a little bewildered, it is because they are not used to being outfunded. I think that is a huge story this cycle."

A lot of pressure will be applied to the Democratic candidate to accept public financing, especially from newspaper editorial boards. Why? Because in an environment where both candidates are limited in what they can spend, newspaper editorials have somewhat more significance. Well, their possible editorial support is not a sufficient reasons to give up this advantage.

Democrats who think this will be an easy election aren't in touch with reality. The Democrats will be nominating either a woman or an African-American for President. Such an nominee is going to be a very big change for America, and not all Americans are going to accept such a change. This election will be down and dirty and Democrats have to be prepared for such an election.

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