Wednesday, March 05, 2008

John Boccieri Easily Wins Medina County

State Senator John Boccieri easily won Medina County in his contested race for the Democratic nomination for Representative from the 16th Congressional District. Boccieri carried Medina County by a margin of 10,692 votes to 5,921 votes. This vote translated into a margin of 64.36% to 35.64%. When looking at the State Senator's results, it should be kept in mind that the not all of Medina County is in the 16th Congressional District. The county is split between two Congressional Districts, the 13th and the 16th.

State Senator Boccieri has been working hard in Medina County ever since he announced that he was running for the seat. His primary opponent, Mary M. Cirelli, on the other hand, to our knowledge never appeared in the county.

MCDAC congratulates State Senator Boccieri on his impressive Medina County showing!

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