Monday, December 15, 2008

Filing Deadlines for Wadsworth and Brunswick City Elections

Because Wadsworth doesn't have a city charter,and because of a provision in Brunswick's city charter, candidates wanting to run for local office in both cities have to file by February 19, 2009. In Wadsworth, the city elections are partisan and, if there were two or more candidates running for their party's nomination for a particular position, there would be a primary in May. In Brunswick, although its elections are non-partisan, there could be a May primary if more than six candidates file petitions to run for the three council-at-large positions.

According to a sheet kept by the Medina County Board of Elections, Republicans have already picked up petitions for both Brunswick and Wadsworth city elections. Democrats have picked up petitions for Brunswick, but not yet for Wadsworth. Interestingly, the petitions for Wadsworth Republicans were picked up by Sharon Ray, one of the three Republican members of the Board of County Commissioners. This is not too surprising, however, since she is from Wadsworth and her first elected position was on Wadsworth City Council.

Although Brunswick is non-partisan, Republicans make up a majority of the City Council. There are currently two Republicans and one Democrat who are councilmen-at-large. With a little effort, Democrats could take all three positions in Brunswick.

Municipal elections in Wadsworth are always spirited. Wadsworth is interesting because it is the only political subdivision in Medina County that has partisan elections every year, either for city offices, for state and county offices, or for federal and county offices.

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