Saturday, December 06, 2008

Will Senate Republicans Kill Automaker Aid?

So, here's the latest from D.C. regarding aid to American automakers. The New York Times is reporting that the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate have reached a deal with the Bush Administration. The Democrats have agreed to allow the automakers to use 25 billion, which has already been appropriated for development of fuel-efficient cars, to help them stay afloat.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had been resisting this idea because she wanted Detroit to focus on getting more fuel-efficient cars to the market. She has agreed to allow the 25 billion to be used because she expects that money to be repaid, so to speak, when Obama takes over and there is an expanded Democratic majority in Congress next year.

The question now is whether the Republicans will block the legislation allowing this when it reaches the Senate. They would block it by threatening a filibuster, which could be ended by having 60 Senators vote to cut off debate. The Senate Minority Leader, McConnell, wouldn't commit himself to supporting the bill until he sees the details of the legislation.

If Republicans don't back this bill, and if one of the "Big Three" goes into bankruptcy, then the employment fall-out is on the Republicans' heads. If that happens, then Democrats should tar all Republicans with the brush of Herbert Hoover.
Editor's note: The above picture is from the Times article and is a shot of the executive officers of the Big Three and the head of the UAW at a recent hearing in Congress.

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Anonymous said...

I would however like to see them be forced to return manufacturing to US soil as part of any deal.