Sunday, December 14, 2008

John Boccieri's Remarks at Medina County Dem Event

On December 13, 2008, the Medina County Democratic Party held its annual Holiday Brunch at the Rustic Hills Country Club in Medina. Hosted by Pam Miller, Medina County Democratic Chair, the brunch featured remarks by John Boccieri, Congressman-Elect from the 16TH District. Below we have posted video clips of John's remarks as well as the opening and closing remarks by Pam.

Congressman-Elect John Boccieri's Remarks, Part One

Congressman-Elect John Boccieri's Remarks, Part Two

Pam Miller's Opening Remarks

Pam Miller's Closing Remarks


Anonymous said...

John ran the most non-specific campaign I ever saw in recent times in the 16th. I told myself that this was necessary to win this district, which the GOP owned for more than a half-century, but now I/we will be watching him closely and see what his agenda for change is about.

Anonymous said...

Pam Miller as always, did a wonderful job hosting this event.
I hope she knows how much she is appreciated.