Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Republican BS on Auto-Bailout

When the Wall Street bailout came up in the Senate on October 1, 2008, 29 Republican Senators voted for the bailout. The Republican Senators voting "yea" included conservative Republicans Coburn, Chambliss, and Corker. All of them are now saying that they can't vote for a bailout of the automakers because there aren't enough guarantees that the bailout will lead to the United States car companies changing their ways.

Well, here is a question: what demands did these conservative hacks demand of the Wall Street firms? What guarantees did the demand of any bank getting TARP funds? Why all of a sudden do they want guarantees from the car companies?

Let's see, what is the difference between car companies and banks? Could it be that car companies are unionized and banks are not? Could it be that car companies employ blue-collar workers and banks employ white-collar workers? Could it be that a lot of Republican contributors work for banks?
We think it is all that and more.

This is just another example of Republican bs. If the auto bailout bill is defeated and if GM goes under, then the GOP will be responsible for America's swelling unemployment rolls.

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