Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More Info on Medina County Cities and Poverty

Earlier today we posted an entry on a report from the United States Census Bureau that consists of estimates of certain data for cities over 20,000. In that entry we noted that the Cleveland.com reported that according to this data the percentage of residents of Medina City living in poverty sometime during the last 12 months doubled from the 2000 census to this mid-decade estimate.

We got curious about the other two cities in Medina County, Brunswick and Wadsworth. We went to the Cleveland.com website and used this tool it has to compare cities in Northeast Ohio. According to this tool, the Census Bureau data for Brunswick shows that 5.2% of its population was estimated to have been living in poverty during the last 12 months. The figure for Wadsworth was 5.4%. The figure for Medina, as reported earlier, was 10.4%.

The tool, by the way, can be used for any city in the United States. You can access the tool here.

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been "tithing" (sp?) to the Salvation Army recently for this very same reason vs. ouor own Church for the season. We have also chosen a family with children to give a Christmas to that otherwise would not have one. We supply the fixings for a meal, with toys for the children "age and gender appropriate". We pledged not to buy gifts this year within our own family of adults (each other), but only for the children. Again this year as we did last, we open our home for a Christmas Eve. dinner for people recently applied for help at the Salvation Army. This is the best lesson of all for our children and Grand Children to learn. The art of giving and in today's times it is a must. My Grand Child then decided on his own to share 2 gifts of his. He is only 4 and already knows to be a giving person.
I hope everyone this season realizes that their own neighbor could be hurting and helps them. Giving is the best thing you can do. Sacrifice your own gifts. Try it. It feels great.