Sunday, December 07, 2008

GOP Proves It Can Win Elections in States of the Old Confederacy

So the GOP has won a run-off election in Georgia and has apparently won two congressional elections in Louisana, which were delayed because of Hurricane Gustav. The GOP Chair claimed that the election in Georgia, in which an incumbent Republican Senator managed to hold on to his seat in a state that Obama lost somehow shows that the United States is still a "center-right" nation.

The GOP Chair has his job to do and that is to make his party look good. Part of that job is to spin the facts and to try and get the national news media to accept that spin. So it is undertandable that he would try and put the best spin on the Georgia election.

There is, however, another way of looking at these elections, and that is the GOP has now proved that it can still win elections in the Old Confederacy. Frankly, we didn't think that was ever in doubt, but judgind from the fuss that the GOP is making over Saxby Chambliss holding onto his Senate seat, it must have been.

Far be it from us to point out that if the GOP is in the position that it can only win elections in the deep South, then it is totally screwed. No, we would never do that, would we?

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