Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time for Democratic Market Research in Medina County

No business would introduce a new product without doing some type of market research. The business would try to find out what the potential consumer of the product wanted, what features they liked, and didn't like. Yet, every year Medina County Democrats are running for local office, introducing new "products" if you will, without having any idea what the consumers of the product, ie, voters are looking for or what they want.

These candidates are spending a lot of money to run for office. Yet, that money is being spent blindly, without doing the basic research needed to understand the concerns of Medina County voters, the consumers of all the information that local candidates put out.

These consumers are definitely known. They are voters who reside in Medina County. Finding out what they want from local and county government wouldn't be that hard. Chances are that some of the market research has already been done by publicly funded agencies such as the Medina County Economic Development Corporation and other agencies.

If those agencies don't have the kind of data that candidates need, then the Medina County Democratic Party needs to commission a poll or a survey to find out what voters like and don't like about their county and local governments. What can't happen is for another election year to take place without the Medina County Democratic Party knowing what voters think.


Anonymous said...

It's very simple. It's called "marketing" of the product/candidate. Getting IN FRONT of the consumer and targeting them at the right time for a need they have. Not the ones that have no need.
For instance. I am in the mortgage industry (sad, but true) we are now "marketing" loans that are adjustable and getting ready to adjust again. To put them into a fixed rate. (Today's being 5.75) We seek only "those" consumers. Why would we market loans already settled and with a fixed rate but only the ones up in the air and are broken.
For candidates, you must find something/anything they can fix/correct that IS broken and target WHAT IS broken. For instance...Dean Holman won "simply" because he is not broken and didn't need fixing. Why someone would spend money "targeting" his position is merely "bad marketing".
Find a need and get in front of the consumer/public and run with it.
Candidates are a product...sell it...That's all.

Anonymous said...

P.S. as for those "signs" everyone puts up...get a slogan word for crying out loud.
Obama used :CHANGE:. It worked.

A sign that simply says: Vote for Tom Smith? Why? Give a reason.

A Judge for instance should say: "Family First" or "Fear the Gavel" lol.