Friday, November 28, 2008

MCDAC Readers Disapprove Joe Lieberman Being Senate Chair

MCDAC recently surveyed the readers of its weekly newsletter, The Kicker, to find out what they thought about the Democratic Senate Caucus keeping Lieberman as Committee Chair. The survey found that of those who responded, 50.7% disagreed with the decision, 37.6% agreed, and 10.1% were undecided.

Here are some of the comments that some of our readers gave us:

However it is done, and Obama seems to have wanted this decision, so let's just move on/
He blows with the wind. His thinking is very unstable. There is no room for that in the " NEW WASHINGTON " Lieberman is an Israeli agent and a war hawk.As a war criminal he should be deported to Gaza to do community service for the rest of his life.
i vote no beause he's a scandral++++++++++++no
Lieberman trash talked Barrack throughout the entire campaign and flew around the country with McCain. What can he do or say to repair that???
Yes, especially if one of Obama's goals is to work in a bipartisan manner to resolve problems. Now isn't the time to 'punish' Lieberman.
He already knows how to screw up everything,why try and train someone else.
Can someone tell us what the rationale for this was?
They must have felt that they needed to do thbis to assure his vote on key legislation net term.
Yes, now the protection of the United States is in his lap. If he wants to walk the fence, lets put him in the hot spot.
no loyalty at all. dillutes the purpose of party membership & respect.
Because of the numbers, we still may need his votes from time to time.
But only if they exact the pound of flesh he owes them. Then they need to support Lamont in 4 years to replace him.
How do we keep discipline as a party if there's no punishment for ACTIVELY CAMPAIGNING for the Republicans?
It's one thing to privately vote for the GOP, but to be a speaker at their convention? He should be booted from the party!
he should not be a chairman of any comm.
Since Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin is the Bible these days, Lincoln forgave opponents for what they had said in the campaign. Move on!
Politics require many tough choices to be made. This is one of those.
It was necessary to start the new administration with the promised "new era" of politics. (But he should be tarred and feathered!)
Obama has stressed the need for unity. Lieberman will be expected to work with both parties to effect this change. We must work together during crisis
His power there is not as important as the possibility of his vote toward the 60 vote Democratic ability to kill a Republican filibuster.
Must think ahead Not back . However I don't like what he did- one bit
Barack Obama wants to set a tone of reconciliation in his administration and Congress.
Sen. Lieberman is now deeply indebted to Pres. Obama which will allow the president to use the man's experience and influence to advance policies.
What were the reasons for keeping him? Do we through out the baby with the bath water?
Sure it show Bi partisan working together
Maybe he will repent and return to the Party. If he is dissed, he could do more harm than good. It will remain to be seen if this was a good decision or a good strategy.
My first reaction was that the Dems made a mistake, but after thinking about it, I am not so sure. That leaves me undecided.
Lieberman chose to side with mcain and attack obama . hes not a democrat and should not be allowed a committee chairmanship
Absolutely not. He's a traitor.
Hopefully, we will attain 60 Dems in the US Senate,thus a filibuster-proof majority for DEM legislation.
We need to come together to understand other positions to change the system. Punishing Joe Lieberman for his beliefs & actions is unamerican.
We need cool heads and steady, experienced leadership, and Lieberman has it.
Not sure about this, hated to see him campaign for McCain after being Dem VP candidate 8 yrs ago. What is the reason he was kept onboard?
I agree for now. We are not at 60 yet. Also - we need to focus on bringing people together to solve problems.
It doesn't say much for party loyalty.

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