Sunday, November 30, 2008

MCDAC Readers Overwhelmingly Support Clinton for Secretary of State

This past week, we surveyed the readers of our weekly newsletter to see what they thought of Clinton as Secretary of State. As you can see from the accompanying graph, they liked it a lot.

Over 85% of those responding to the question, approved of the choice. Those who disapproved only numbered a shade over 10%. If this admittedly unscientific sample is any indication, people who may have had reservations about Clinton as President don't have them about Clinton as Secretary of State.

We allowed those readers who responded to the poll to leave comments about Obama choosing Clinton. You can read some of those comments which are reproduced in italics below. One theme that runs through the comments is that some readers would rather see her in the Senate because they think that Obama and the Democrats have a greater need for her in that position. It is important to keep in mind when considering her nomination that her successor will be chosen by a Democratic governor and will be a Democrat. This means that the Democrats are not losing a vote in the Senate.

Only if Bill or Cuomo is given her senate seat.
Hillary Clinton sold her soul to zionist AIPAC funding years ago so her views will reflect continued anti-Palestinian policies...just another Rice.
As long as her replacement in the Senate measures up to her standards, or exceeds them
She is not " ON THE SAME PAGE " as BARACK and will be a drag on his creativity. Her thinking is back room,old WASHINGTON. Bad decisions on wars.
I would have rather seen Sen. Clinton work on Health Care Reform. Then be seated as a Supreme Court Judge when the appointment is open.
I want her on the Supreme Court, but she can still do that later.
Long before he chose her, I said she should be Secretary of State. I am delighted to learn that great minds think alike!!!!!!
I hope that Bill will stay out of her way.
she is needed in the senate
Duh... Condy to Clinton. What's not to like?
i also think that she would make a great supreme court justice
She doesn't have the character of a Madelein Albright, but she brings in street smarts. Not a bad choice.
I think it would be great. I said this before the election. She is very forceful and wouldn't back down to anyone. Bill would be a good adviser.
I think she would be strong, effective, and restore America's credibility and stture.
We need someone to take the if something should happen
I'm sure that she can surrender to Al Quida as well as anyone else he would appoint to do the job.
Excellent choice of a talented politician. Her reputation will facilitate foreign policy & place her in position for a future presidential run.
Continuing the legacy of ugly women in that office.
Great choice.
Good choice
Barack needs the Clinton's.
Shows that Obama is interested in party unity. She came close to being nominated for President. Most should think she is qualified for this post.
I believe this appointment was discussed before Hillary relented her presidential run. It's a good choice.
Go for it. She's a smart lady and we could only benefit from her experience.
He owes her!
NO. Bill Richardson would have been the better choice. The US must make fundamental changes in foreign policy and he would be better to carry it out.
Intelligent decision. Know your weaknesses and put someone there who is strong

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