Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Psst, Have You Heard? Obama is a Muslim."

The Pew Research Center recently polled Americans on whether they thought that Obama was a Christian, a Muslim, or neither. The poll results are very instructive.

First of all, as shown by the top poll, the number of people who think that he is a Muslim; who don't know, or who don't know enough totals out to 37%. Second, the fact that he is Muslim has more impact on Democrats than on Republicans or independents.

Ninety percent of Democrats who think that Obama is a Christian support him as compared to only five percent who support McCain. Among Democrats who think he is a Muslim or have "heard different things about his religion", his support drops to 62% and McCain's support goes up to 19%. Clearly, getting the message out to Democrats that Obama is a Christian is something that Democrats should be focusing on.

Just in case, by the way, readers of this blog think that only the uneducated or unsophiscated think that Obama is a Muslim, a person we know recently had a psychologist tell him that Obama is a Muslim. The psychologist was surprised when our acquaintance told her that he wasn't.

Another friend of ours had a similar experience when a woman, who he described as "pretty bright" told him that she had reservations about Obama because he was a Muslim. He set her straight, but he wasn't sure whether she believed him or not.
If you are a Democrat, and if you hear this rumor, make sure you tell the person spreading it that it just isn't true. Telling someone that wouldn't take a lot of effort, but it could pay big dividends.

More detail about the Pew survey can be found here.

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