Monday, July 07, 2008

Medina County Gazettee's "Most Influential" List

Okay, so according to the Medina County Gazette, the 10 most influential people in Medina County include eight Republicans, two Democrats, nine men, and one woman. Seven of them are businessmen, two are elected officials, and one is a city manager. Notably absent from the list are any heads of non-profit organizations or any educators. Also notably absent is any elected Democrat, even though Medina County Prosecutor Dean Holman has been in office since 1989, is the current President of the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association, and runs the biggest law firm in the county. Also notably absent from the list is Republican State Representative Bill Batchelder, who could become Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives.

The pro-business bias of the list may come from the fact that the reporter who prepared the series is also the business reporter for the Gazette. There is no explanation in the article about the criteria used to measure "influence" nor is there any list of who was surveyed for the story. In short, the whole series seems to be something thought up by a business reporter who has a very limited idea of what constitues a "influential person."

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