Saturday, July 05, 2008

The George W. Bush Sewage Plant?

A group of people in San Fransico is pushing the idea of naming a sewage plant after George W. Bush. They are apparently gathering signatures to put the idea on the November ballot in San Fransico. As you can imagine the Republicans are not amused by this idea.

This is from a New York Times article on the idea:

Not surprisingly, those Republicans in a city that voted 83 percent Democratic in 2004 are not thrilled with the idea. Howard Epstein, chairman of the ever-outnumbered San Francisco Republican Party, called the initiative “an abuse of process.”

“You got a bunch of guys drunk who came up with an idea,” Mr. Epstein said, “and want to put on the ballot as a big joke without regard to the city’s governance or cost.”

Actually, the idea of a George W. Bush sewage plant strikes us a very fitting. Remember how the Republicans were trying to get at least one memorial to Ronald Reagan in every state in the Union? Maybe each state could have its own George W. Bush Memorial Sewage Plant.

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