Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pew Research Poll Shows Record High Engagement in 2008 Campaign

The Pew Research Center has a poll out that shows what it describes as "record high" engagement for the 2008 campaign. This is from the Pew article on the poll:

The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted June 18-29 among 2,004 Americans, finds greater public interest and engagement in the presidential election than during the five previous campaigns. Fully 72% say they are giving quite a lot of thought to this election -- by far the highest percentage at this point in the campaign since 1988. The proportion saying they are more interested in politics this year than during the previous campaign is greater than it has been since 1992. And public interest in campaign news has been consistently higher than in recent elections.

The Pew Poll shows that enthusiam among Democrats is much higher than among Republicans. Here is a summary of the poll results:

A second factor which may also contribute to a Democratic turnout advantage is that supporters of the Republican candidate, uncharacteristically, are less strongly committed to their choice than are supporters of the Democratic candidate. Overall, Obama leads McCain in the presidential horserace by 48% to 40%. Most voters who say they support Obama -- 28% among the 48% -- say they support him strongly. By contrast, only about a third of McCain's backers say they support him strongly (14% of the 40%).

Throughout the 2004 campaign, Bush drew more strong than moderate support by margins of greater than two-to-one. Even in Bush's first campaign, he consistently drew at least as much strong support as moderate support.

You can read the Pew article on the poll here.

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