Tuesday, July 08, 2008

McCain Blows Off Iraq's Prime Minister Comments About Withdrawal Timeline

One of the interesting questions is how the Republicans are going to handle the statements of the Iraqi Prime Minister and other officials about wanting a timeline for the withdrawal of American troops. These comments, as we pointed out earlier, pose a real problem for Bush and McCain. Apparently the Iraqis want a three to five year timeline for withdrawal of American troops. Obama wants a 16 month timeline. What neither wants is what McCain apparently wants, an endless presence of American troops in Iraq.

Apparently the Republican answer is simply to ignore the desires of the Iraq government that American troops have died to help establish. John McCain, on a morning news show, blew off the Prime Minister's comments with the following phrase:
"Prime Minister Maliki is a politician." Translation, "I am not going to do what he wants, I am going to do what I want."

In a report dated July 9, 2008, Bloomberg News Service reported that the Bush Administration is rejecting the Iraqi's government demand for a timeline for the withdrawal of American troops. This is a quote from the article: The U.S. government rejected calls by Iraq to set a timetable for withdrawing troops from the country and said the planned reduction in force levels will be dictated by conditions on the ground.

After we were told that the Iraq War was about weapons of mass destruction, we were then told that the purpose of the war was to establish a democratic state in Iraq. Apparently, however, that only works if Iraq's "democratic" government agrees with Bush, Cheney and McCain. If it actually wants to act like a soverign nation, then it has to first get clearance from the United States.

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