Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who Would Your Neighbors Support: Clinton or Obama?

Last week MCDAC did a survey on our readers about which of the two remaining Democratic presidential candidates their neighbors would be more likely to support.

Of those readers who responded to our survey, 43.2% said Hillary Clinton, 25.9% said Barack Obama, 11.1% said neither, and 18.5% said either they weren't sure of they didn't know.

Comments on the survey appear below. Please note that the comments expressed below are not comments written by the officers of the MCDAC. The listing of these comments do not constitute an endorsement of any views expressed herein.

Are you kidding, I am surrounded by Republicans in my neighborhood. I love to irritate everyone with my Dem yard signs!

Six democrats will vote for Clinton, if she losses they will vote for McCain, one is undecided, and three won't vote if Obama wins the primary.

Only 5 Dems live in my neighborhood including my wife and I! Deny being "racist" but say they won't vote for Obama. Won't vote for McKain,say they won't vote at all-and this from life-long democrats! SCARES ME!

they won't vote for obama

This is a Republican who doesn't like McCain or Hillary. But, who knows for sure!

My voter canvass data had most of them "undecided" on the Presidential race as of early May.

To quote my moderate Republican neighbor: "If the Democrat is Hillary Clinton, I'm voting McCain. If it's Obama...I'd have to think about it."

don't know about my immediate neighbors, but my family and network of friends is overwhelmingly in favor of Obama

At this point, have not discussed any with them.

This includes my red neck friends!

So far in conversation around here it is equal

Barack started his political career in CHICAGO writing programs and caring for the destitute. Hillary has no experience in these arenas.

My neighbors are a diverse group. If not a repub, they would most likely vote for Obama.

Very, very strong support for Hillary.

My neighbors want to see change in our foreign policy and more tax dollars spent here at home.

My neighbor is a woman. There are more women than blacks that vote.
Keep this in mind...not that Democrats have a penchant for winning.

This is a hard one; there is still prejudice and an "anti-black" undercurrent among an older generation of voters.

Um, where I live, I'm surrounded by idiots that will probably vote for John McCain. Truly, they've said they would never vote for a black terrorist!

Hillary, with her destructive, negative, selfish campaign has lost sympathy with many voters

This is a 'Red' neighborhood.

Many, many,activists in Lorain county say they will not support Obama. I am one of the few people willing to switch to support.

But I think they will support whoever the Democratic candidate is.

my neighbors are racist, honestly.

Hillary has the connections to deal with the Congress. Obama has not been around long enough to build those relationships,

They all want Obama. I say:It took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush and it will take a Clinton to clean up after his son.

My neighbors are a grade school, and the rest are Repugnantcans. You never are quite sure what they might do.

Many of my Independent and Soft Republican neighbors have expressed a firm interest in Barack Obama's campaign.

Most of my close friends and neighbors support Hillary Clinton and could not support Obama.


My neighbor will support a women before a black person because they are taking over everything.The blacks think that the white man owes them still.

We actually took a survey and 3 support Clinton and 2 support Obama. The ones behind us support McCain.

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