Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Results of HIllary Clinton Survey

MCDAC readers responded to our survey on whether Hillary Clinton should drop out following the results of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries. Our readers voted 56.1% to 43% that she should drop out. Less than 1% of those responding didn't vote. Below are some comments by our readers:

If she were considering the best interest of the country she would have already. No chance to win without foul play.

never give up

The delegate math says it is near impossible for her to win the nomination. For the sake of the party, she needs to gracefully step aside.

With as much grace as she can and start supporting Obama.

She fought the good fight, now it's time to exit and stop wasting money on a campaign she can't win.

Hillary Clinton is best qualified to beat John McCain and correct the ills that permeate this nation and lead this country to our former glory.

Keep voting for Clinton

I just cannot vote for Obama

Hillary has almost no chance and has damaged the democratic party with her negative comments and ads. She should drop out the sooner the better.

stay in there till the last dogs dead
i'm foh hillary, shes best for for the job
quit hounding her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is not presidential material and has no experience in global affairs. Only knows old
Washington politics. Not a creative thinker.

Hillary Clinton is the only one who can beat McCain !

Her husband efficiently balanced the budget, she will also. So fear an October surprize: his VP sellection? Gov. Richardson, a loser choice.

This fun to watch, keep the battle going, helps keep money spent now!

It really doesn't matter. Once again the D's have come up with two unelectable candidates. Either will be toast in November.

She made a valiant attempt, but it is time to go. She should go back to the Senate and take over as Majority Leader.

As her campaign grows more futile, she becomes more and more combative and ugly. Time to quit.

The situation is getting ridiculous. I feel pity for her. She seems obsessed.

We need to get this party united behind one great candidate. Let's stop picking on ourselves.

I wouldn't care if Hillary and Obama both dropped out of the race, human or otherwise.

I support Hillary it but appears the numbers are against her. Hillary needs to see the light and Obama to realize Hillary will guarantee his election

She should have dropped out long ago.

No way, Jose.If all votes are counted Hillary will win. We don't want to be short-changed or have a quick-change artist. We need Hillary.

It's time for Democrats to avoid attacks on each other, and to concentrate on exposing what can be expected from a continuation of the Bush policies.

We need to rally around our nominee now and focus on beating John McCain in November.

As much as I want her as our nominee, I don't think she is going to win. I believe our party needs to come together now or we may lose in November.

This is a hard one, but Obama seems destined. I just hope he can beat whiney McCain. An Obama-Hillary ticket might ensure that.

Enough of this we need one candidate

Sadly, she should so that the dems can begin campaigning to win the White House in November.

It's over, and she needs to face it.

I still think she is more trustworthy than Obama. I'll vote for whoever gets the Democratic nomination. A vote for McCain is more of the same.

We have much work to do to unify the party and focus our energy on McCain and the General Election.

don't know what she expects to gain by staying, the contest is over. rush's dittoheads have propped her up lately but won't be there in november.

She's doing too much harm, seeming self-righteous, but injecting nastiness and divisiveness into this campaign.

She should drop out for the good of the party, although I doubt if that concerns her. She's entitled to the presidency, dammit! Bill promised her.

She is too polarizing to win in Nov. Obama has a much better chance in the general election. Waiting until August only benefits the Republican party.

Let them fight it out at the convention.

It's history in the making. A woman president and
a Democrat too boot. WOW

Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, hey hey hey, goodbye

But that would require her to care about someone other than herself.

Both are needed down to the wire. They may yet realize they need to give specifics and the cost of their platforms so Democrats have a real choice.

If she is honest about her desire to serve her party and nation, now is the time for her to say she and her supporters fought the good fight.

I want a woman in the White House. I continue to support her.

It is time to put things back together for the general election.

YES. YES. YES! She's destroying our Party and alienating Independents who are willing to vote for Obama.

I don't think she will, but I would very much appreciate it.

Vice President is not a bad thing. Look at Cheney -- he's been running the country for the past seven years.

She is better than Obama,she has more experiance than him and is better qualified for the job of running this country and she believes in GOD.........

Hell no! Her victories have come in big states we need to win. Obama wins only in small states or caucuses. Hillary is better candidate.

she only divides the party and helps the republicans. that is why russ limbaugh is supporting her.

Unless she can get committed super-delegates to reverse themselves, the result is a mathematical certainty.

Continue until she wins the White House!

I don't like Obama. In fact I can't even imagine us having a black President nor a black family in the White House. It isn't that I am prejudice.

It has been close , it will continue to be close, which can impact policy decisions and choices at the convention. we deserve a complete process.

She is a former Republican and a waffler.

This needs to be done in a manner that facilitates the unification of the Democratic part.


She should concede but be proud of what she accomplished. Obama should pick her as his running mate; Obama/Clinton ticket would be unstoppable.

Hell, no, she shouldn't go.

This should be a mute questions ~ she should have already dropped out.

I have been a Hilary supporter since day one, but things have not gone her way. We need a Democrat to win this election! Barack is our hope.

She is obviously a poor sport and a non team player. Why is she so hell bent on staying in? What is her hidden agenda? I do not trust her.

But it surely is much more interesting with her in there fighting and keeping McCain off the front page.

please. drp out. the majority of democrats want change.

We need Obama to unite the party. Hillary is polarizing - and mean.

There's a deeper agenda here. A Wellesley/Yale grad can easily read the tea leaves and still she remains. Battle for the party, maybe?

The race is too close to call. Should be more fun for the convention delegates to go beyond the 1st ballot.

ABSOLUTELY STAY IN THE RACE!I am so tired that the media and powers-that-be have been trying to push her out from the get-go.

My concern is that alot of Black people voted
for Obama simply because of his color. I think
Hillary should stay in and fight to the end.

Her own political future has more potential if she steps down gracefully now.

Her words and actions in the past weeks have shown her to be a politician of the old school--do anything to stay in office.

Hillary should immediately drop out UNLESS she can make a credible case, with real numbers, that she still has a chance to be nominated.

I applaud Barack & Hillary for engaging many new voters. Finish all 50 states, let the voter's voices be heard, even if she can't win the nomination.

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