Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MCDAC Readers Think McCain's Age Legitimate Issue

MCDAC readers by a margin of 66.2% to 32.3% think that John McCain's age is a legitimate campaign issue. Below are some of the comments we received from our survey:

But don't lie about his age, he's only 71. And I'm 76 if anone cares.
There are positives and negatives to age that balance out. Excellent life experience and lots of relationships established. Health is only issue.
Yes, if only because he seems to be having a lot of "senior moments" lately. He can't seem to remember who's in charge in Iran without help!
It places a priority on who is his VP candidate.
The older a candidate, the more skewed their view is of today's world. I'd like someone that understands what's going on and why.
I am 60 and healthy but a President needs to be even younger and more vital. The job is too stressful. McCain will not survive even 1 term.
He currently has trouble with details, I can only imagine what he will be like in the next 4 years.
Age doesn't matter. He's too Republican to be President! But he is too John McCain!
It would be a mistake for Democrats to push this issue. The media will do that for us.
Age discrimination is the hidden travesty of our nation. John McCain's policies are the issue. There are many young republicans who support him.
Hillary or McCain. No inbetwain...
He is obviously physically fragile and a bit disjointed in his speaking. LET'S just put him in front of the cameras and he will appear a bit senile.
Despite the lengthening life span of Americans, McCain is too old to be considered for the most powerful position of Earth.
Bush proved you can be cluelesss and run the country
Experience is the issue
Churchill was PM of the UK when he was 80. Let the quarter-century age difference between McCain and Obama speak for itself.
R. Regan was proof of aging. blueberrymouse6@yahoo.com
He seams to be in good health and fit. We can't make age an issue. kpreachc@dishmail.net
Someone in her/his 70's should be at their intellectual peak but some people like McCain can go through their entire lives and no learn very much.
While I don't believe that age is an impediment to be successful on the job, I do think the challenges of the presidency rate a question about age.
I try to find ANY reason for him not to be president. That's the least of the reasons, but he is awfully old.
Age should be no more relevant than race or sex. Look at the individual, not the "ism."
He's just starting to show signs of dementia. It's subtle but it's there.
Reagan was too old and he had alzheimers. How do we know McCain won't develop that in the next couple of years. He better have a good VP if elected.
There have been great leaders of the past that were of an older age for their time. No matter who takes office, I think they will only be in one term
Because John McCain is an "old" 73. His cancer, his war injuries, etc.appear to leave him less strong than others of that age.
What scary person will the GOP put on the ticket as VP? Please, please no Cheney....(et al)
We need some one young to run this country,we do not need a Senior Citizen running this country again.Remember Reagan and Alzhimer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Both his age & health areissues. He has not released his health report, and by all appearances the left side of his face appears to have problems
With due respect to the Senator, an American hero he is, however, too old to lead us in these challenging times. Evidence his confusing Iraq and Iran.
Is America to vote for an elderly President or his much younger Vice President?
Not age alone, but health history and recent performance give pause,
Not only is his age an issue, so is that look in his eyes that says "the lights are on, but nobody's home"!
Health, and policy decisions are far more important. Regardless of how sharp his mind may be, it's a biological issue: our bodies age and with age comes a slowdown and medical problems.
If Hiliary or Obama were his age, would they be too old. He wasn't too sharp when he was younger...what makes us think he could possibly be now?
John McCain may appear feisty, but he is mentally well past his peak. He is the wrong candidate at the wrong time.
As is his health and military injuries
Ronald Reagan was younger than McCain in 1980, but by his second term, it was clear that he was distracted, and scandals like Iran-Contra happened.
It's one of the lesser issues. Being owned by lobbyists and being willing to bomb the middle-east back to the stone age far more troubling.
John McCain is 71 and age alone should not be determinative,...but in John McCain's case, it is obvious that his reasoning is impaired.
In fact, I would like to see the minimum age requirement lowered by five years. We don't need to have another Reagan-esque, nonfunctional president.
McSame is a dinosaur with antiquated attide problems.
Agism is as bad as any prejudice. It's about time Americans started valuing experience, perspective and sense.
The Presidency is a job that requires physical stamina and mental sharpness, both are generally diminished with advancing age.
Mental capacities decline as we age--its a fact-- and we have already had a president with deficient mental abilities the past eight years.
Given the demands of the job, it is important to find out if McCain is up to being president. That won't happen unless Dems push the issue.
I don't believe prejudices of any kind are appropriate. He is apparently healthy. I just don't agree with him on most issues.

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