Saturday, May 24, 2008

Money Follows Vision, Vision Doesn't Follow Money

At a recent meeting, a participant in a discussion among members of the board of trustees for a non-profit organization made the following observation:Money follows vision, vision doesn't follow money.

That simple observation grabbed the attention of several board members. Although the statement was made in the context of charitable giving, it also applies to political giving.

Most people give money to candidates and/or political organizations that have a vision of what they want accomplish and are able to articulate that vision. Candidates who have a vision and can give voice to that vision are going to do much better at raising money than those who cannot.

The Bible teaches us that "without a vision, the people perish." Well, in politics, the same is also true. Without a vision, the candidate and/or political organization doesn't raise money.

The vision, by the way, can't simply be "I want a political office, so elect me." Such a message is self-centered and conveys an attitude that the person is only interested in themselves. The vision has to be "other-centered". It has to be rooted in service to others, not service to self.

People have a lot of causes that want donations. Your campaign or organization is just one cause among many. You have to grab their attention with your vision, or else, you cause will perish for a lack of resources.

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