Tuesday, May 06, 2008

MCDAC Newsletter Readers Back Dann Resignation

MCDAC Newsletter readers responded to our question about whether Marc Dann should resign following his admission of a "romantic" relationship with a staff member; the firing of two of his staff members; and the resignation of two others. MCDAC readers voted 75.2% in favor of resignation with only 22.4% voting that he shouldn't resign. Readers not voting amounted to 2.4% of those responding.

Below are some comments from our readers:

It's all out he just need to keep his nose clean from hear on out

If no harassment is involved and both people are doing their job, I don't think would be grounds for dismissal.

As a politician, Mr. Dann should know he is under public scrutiny. He is being either dumb or arrogant. We don't need either.

His operation makes a frat house look respectable. Get him out of there.

He has lost my confidence and blew an opportunity to further his good name and that of the Democratic Party. He apparently was not ready for the job.

His enabling a sexual predator on his staff(because he feared exposure?) put the credibility of his whole office at risk.

who does this guy think he is? for the good of the party and the state of ohio he should resign.

We need every Democrat we have. Do you think the Republicans aren't doing the same thing? They hide it better!!

Marc Dann was elected to clean up and reform the Attorney General's office, not to use it for pajama parties. He should resign -- right now!

If Taft and his "gang" did not have to resign, then Dann should not have. I do not condone his behavior, but he should have another chance.

We need to replace him. That office needs to be clear of all scandals.

He has create an unnecessary problem in 2008. He has not displayed a high degree of ability in his choice of staff or integrity in his own behaviour.

Bill Clinton stayed in office after his "cigar twirling" incident.

Since creditability in public offices is difficult to obtain and easily stained, he should do the party a favor by leaving.
The sooner the better.

And Ted Strickland should appoint Subohd Chandra.

After what Bob Taft did this is nothing.

This has hurt the Democratic Party. He's using a double standard. He should be fired too.

We shouldn't have to put up with that from anyone...I am ashamed that Dann is a Democrat.

No governmental law was broken.

obviously things are out of control, time for new people with some integrity.

He obviously has no control of his office and his staff. He's a distraction.

If Mr Dann was from the other party then he would be yelled at because he only had 1 affair and not more.Everyone makes mistakes.

Shit happens. Take it like a man.

If all men who had an affair with a fellow employee resigned, Ohio's unemployement would skyrocket. It's disgusting, nonetheless, and an embarrassment

Both he and his administration are corrupt. He has violeted the public trust and should resign.

Yes, Just when the party is poised to win back control of the state here comes this clown giving the party the "lack of morals" label yet again.

Had he committed a sexual harassment crime yes. Committed moral against wife thats private. If jurys judged by morals and not laws we'd all be guilty

Marc could have been one of the greatest AG's in Ohio history. But he won't survive this. Better to deal with it now ... less damage.

The employees who were fired should be reinstated. Marital infidelity is commonplace in our society. Better to impeach Bush and Cheney!

He's evidently incapable of good leadership. I don't care about the affair per se.

He is an embarrassment.

obviously not the type of person who should be attorney general

He can weather this. He must stake out a pro consumer agenda and stand for something. Otherwise there is no compelling reason to fight for him.

Am very disappointed in Dann. Our party MUST screen candidates more carefully. His behavior is doing major damage to the entire party.

Eventually, yes.

We still have six months before the Nov election, we cannot afford to have a single candidate lose votes because of Dan. He must resign.

He is a disappointment to all of us. It is time for him to leave before he does more damage!!

It will be hard for dem candidates to run with the AG overhang. Subodh Chandra would make an outstanding replacement. The governor must move quickly.

He actually participated in these teenage activities that were unethical if not illegal while being the figurehead of law in the State.

Once again we have a public official who believes he should give jobs to friends and not people qualified. He seet the example and they followed.

Even Betty Montgomery would be better!!!

We Democrats waited too long and suffered through too much Republican ineptness, immorality, and illegal activities to put up with this. Join Taft.

I regret having contributed to him and having campaigned for him. He is a disgrace to the Democratic Party.

.....an Subodh Chandra should be appointed to the position! He was a better choice all along. We Democrats should demand it!

Is the Democratic party serious about higher standards or not?

How can he not?

Poor judgment and a lack of ethics indicate a very deficient human being unfit to lead.

Absolutely. If the man had any honor he would already have resigned.

Biggest embarassment to Dems since Clinton/Monica. He is done, anyway, put someone in who can hold the seat in 2010.

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GARoach said...

State Senator John Boccieri: Attorney General Marc Dann should resign immediately

Today State Senator John Boccieri, Democratic candidate in Ohio's 16th Congressional District, called for Attorney General Marc Dann to resign from office.

"I am outraged that the Attorney General of the state of Ohio has neglected the duty and honor of public service," Senator Boccieri said. "The cronyism and lack of attentiveness to protocol and detail in Attorney General Dann's hiring practices has led us to this tragic moment in Ohio's history. I feel for his wife Alyssa and his children, who must endure the embarrassment he has caused to them, and the people of the state of Ohio.

"We support the ongoing investigation to determine whether any criminal lines have been crossed. However, after combing through the sordid details of the investigation transcripts, it is clear that ethical and moral lines have been disregarded. For this reason, I call upon Marc Dann to resign immediately."